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/ NEW! Maxi II Advance Starter Pack

NEW! Maxi II Advance Starter Pack

NEW! Maxi II Advance Starter Pack

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Start Hatching a Bright Idea!

The NEW Maxi II Advance Starter Pack provides the ideal equipment necessary to get you started in small scale egg incubation and rearing. It's easy to use and great fun! The Maxi II Advance Starter Pack includes:

Maxi II Advance Incubator
 - is a fan assisted egg incubator holding up to 14 eggs which are turned automatically, up to 40 smaller eggs (e.g. pheasant or quail) can be accommodated using the optional small egg disk. The combination of a simple yet accurate menu driven digital control, fan assistance and carefully directed airflow  result in a machine which is deceptively sophisticated yet convenient and extremely easy to use. The digital display shows incubator temperature (in °C or °F), incubation temperature alarm and power failure alarm. The user can alter settings to control incubation temperature, temperature units, turning interval, turning angle, the number of days your eggs take to hatch from fresh and the high and low temperature alarm limits. If the number of days to hatch isn't known then the automatic turning can be controlled by the user and easily turned off when the first egg cracks.

The high quality clear top allows you to see every second of an egg hatching from every angle. The Maxi II Advance is covered by Brinsea's free 3 year guarantee (just follow the user instructions to register online).

OvaView candling lamp - a very effective low cost all purpose candling lamp ideal for identifying infertile eggs with pale, plain shells (most species of hen, duck or goose etc.) The OvaView is battery powered for convenience and uses high output, high efficiency LED illumination - so no bulbs to replace or concerns about overheating the eggs during inspection.  See your chicks develop inside the egg!

OvaScope - this fits over the OvaView, and the egg is then placed within the OvaScope and the egg cover is replaced. The OvaScope cuts out all the ambient light and slightly magnifies the egg which makes the illuminated egg much easier to see. The egg can be rotated from outside the OvaScope to allow the egg to be viewed from a range of angles. A small camera or webcam can be fixed to the OvaScope to generate a digital image of the egg and embryo. The OvaScope makes candling much easier and is ideal for schools or for presentations.

EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder - The EcoGlow chick brooder is ideal for keeping newly hatched poultry, game and waterfowl warm. The EcoGlow has three height settings for different sized chicks and its tough plastic construction makes it durable and easy to clean. It is designed to meet the stringent IPX7 electrical safety standard. The EcoGlow runs from a 12v power source for complete peace of mind and uses just 18 Watts of power to keep up to twenty chicks warm.

Also included in the Maxi II Advance Starter Pack - a feed trough, a drinker and disinfectant.

The Maxi II Advance Starter Pack comes with full instructions, and is extremely simple to use!

'Took delivery of the EcoGlow Chick Brooder  just in time for my first batch of chicks this year - absolutely brilliant never seen such a contented set of chicks!' Barbara Gill

Ideal for poultry, game and waterfowl the Maxi II Advance Starter Pack is not suitable for exotic species such as parrots or birds of prey.

Brinsea may need to substitute the feeder and drinker shown with equivalent items as available.

Free 3 year guarantee when registered online

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

For more information please click here…

The OvaView is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0004, the OvaScope is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0003, the EcoGlow 20 is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0001

*Please note, the chicks shown in the illustration are not included!

Product code: N730

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