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/ EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

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The EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder is ideal for keeping newly hatched poultry, game and waterfowl warm. The low voltage heater panel warms chicks directly and is more economical (it uses a tenth of the electricity of a typical suspended infrared lamp) and is safer to use than infra-red heat lamps  A typical heat lamp runs at 250 watts compared with 20 watts consumption for the EcoGlow. When you consider that the brooder is on 24/7, this is an important saving.

The EcoGlow 20 has three height settings for different sized chicks and its tough plastic construction makes it durable and easy to clean. Designed to meet the stringent IPX7 electrical safety standard. The EcoGlow 20 runs from a 12v power source for complete peace of mind and uses just 18 Watts of power to keep up to twenty chicks warm. Supplied with a mains power adapter with UK plug type as standard - Euro type available on request. Comes with a generous 3m+ power lead.

Free 3 year guarantee when registered online

For indoor use only - room temperature should not drop below 10 degrees at night.

As seen in Country Smallholding Magazine, September 2012


Now protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

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Daniel 06/12/2017 5 stars

Superb really good thats all i can say recommended well worth it

Dave Ridgway  25/10/2017 5 stars

Fantastic product. I have used this successfully with hen chicks and quail. Keeps everyone warm and useful raising ability.

Bridget 20/10/2017 5 stars

This was just the right size for a small batch of newly hatched quail. It is easy to alter the height so that I could put it on the lowest first and raise it as they grew. I would recommend this product.

A.Black 20/10/2017 5 stars

Bought this product for my ducklings, our first ever hatch! It worked a treat and the ducklings love it. I didn't see a single problem with the design or the manufacture of the product. The heat plate is prefect for them compared to other products on the market that are far to hot and would cook the animal. Can't wait to get some chicks on the go!

Nicola Holland  20/10/2017 5 stars

I bought this after reading all the good reviews and wasn’t disappointed, Chicks love it and its far more economical compared to my previous heatlamp. I will hopefully be upgrading and getting the larger eco glow brooder in the near future for larger hatches

A.Miles 09/10/2017 5 stars

This brooder is great for providing a constant heat source for the sick and injured wild hedgehogs at the non-profit rescue I run. Once plugged in the heat is quick to generate and having three different height settings is great to vary the heat according to the size of the patient - lower height for hoglets and smaller hedgehogs and higher for larger compromised hedgehogs. Versatile enough to be combined with a contact heat source underneath, this brooder has been an invaluable piece of kit for the rescue.

georgaline mullen 26/09/2017 5 stars

My friend used a heat lamp and it exploded killing some birds so I bought a Brinsea , it was great with my first hatch, then I needed another. I now have 3 of these brooders and I love watching my chicks run in and out under it. I know the chicks are safe and I can easily adjust the height when they grow. I have used it for chicks, call ducks and quails. Fantastic

Annette Bunney 21/09/2017 5 stars

Very pleased with this as looked into heat lamps but found them to be to big and also fire risks so this brooder win top in my book the chicks are very happy. The only thing I wish brinsea had done is to make it with the screw legs like there bigger version as I think and have heard that the plastic lugs tend to snap after time but fingers crossed all will be ok.

Nick Jones 21/09/2017 5 stars

As Simple As ABC. Simplicity is a huge asset that this product has in abundance. Plug in and off you go, or rather off the chicks go. No heat settings to consider. The versatility of three different heights enables chicks to be brooded through their early growth until feathers provide the insulation they need. At the end of the process it's also very easy to clean and you can be assured every part is clean due to the simple design and the nature of the materials used. Small is good and simplicity is best.

susan Manley 21/09/2017 5 stars

This brooder enables the chicks to be warm and safe whilst providing good observation which is great when doing hatching with children

Bindy 21/09/2017 5 stars

Absolutely fantastic. My babies are so much happier now that i have 2 of these and the 50 chic one. I no longer worry about blowing a light bulb and having my babies pass away. So easy to use and clean. Thanks.

Marie Cottle  20/09/2017 5 stars

I was using a hanging light before i got this and it takes all the worry about safety away as it is safe and easy to put up and adjust the height levels as the chicks get older, Easy to clean but would be better if the words on top were flat as the chicks do like sitting on top and leaving there little presents which then get stuck around the wording but with a bit of a clean comes of, I have used this for Quail chicks and Pekin Bantam chicks and no problems ,They loved it and no worrying is the lamp to high or low great.

Laura Anderson 20/09/2017 5 stars

This is fantastic and never lets me down. Keeps the chicks cosy and when they get larger they sit on top of it. Can be a bit fiddly to adjust the height of the heated panel but tough hardwearing plastic.

Yvonne Ridley 20/09/2017 5 stars

This is a wonderful piece of kit not least because it keeps energy bills down and is environmentally friendly and operates efficiently and silently. It's very easy to keep clean and has three easy settings to adjust as the chicks grow in size.

Richard Kavanagh 20/09/2017 5 stars

Having used a lamp previously, i was a little hesitant but have been happily proved wrong! Easy to use, clean and disassemble for storage - Ducklings and Goslings loved it. The adjustable height settings ensured safety and both were soon sleeping on and under it.

Carl Stoner 15/08/2017 3 stars

Got this for my ducklings in 2015 only to find at some point they had pulled on the cable, causing a small fray.. This was at the place where the cable meets the heat unit and when plugged in found the unit didnt heat unless the cable was in just the right position. I think a thicker insulation around the cable would be better considering this is in reach of inquisitive animals. NOTE FROM BRINSEA - this is the first time we have ever heard of such a problem, it's extremely unlikely that the damage was caused by the ducklings pulling on the cable - please can you contact us regarding this?

Tom 10/06/2016 5 stars

Brought this ,but it unfortuantley broke. It wasn't a problem as the staff supporting where extremley helpful and got my product fixed and sorted over night as I had some chicks that had just hatched.Best customer service ever .

rosalind lee 27/03/2016 5 stars

I bought this after having used an overhead heat lamp for many years. the brooder is neat, cheap to run and easy to clean. the only down side was that I had some difficulty assembling it as I found it rather stiff to put together. Once assembled though it was brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone.

michelle 18/03/2016 4 stars

I really like Brinsea products and have been using them for years. There's a number of small snagging things that I hope future designs may address (the difficulty of the raised lettering and the force it takes to change the height on the heaters already mentioned below) but my main problem is the cable. The two part cable is always the first thing to break, through use, often the cable covering shears off or gets pecked at by chicks for too long or when wrapped up starts wearing on the bent areas - however it always breaks above the connection plug, meaning it can't simply be replaced by buying a different plug, but the entire unit needs to be replaced. I don't know if there's an issue to having the actual cable be a plug in cable, but it would hugely prolong the life span of these and replacement plugs are so much cheaper

L G Markwell Bostock 18/12/2015 5 stars

A safe product easy to set up and use, catering for many breeds. Particularly liked the different heights available that one can use.

Chris Darlington  18/12/2015 5 stars

What a fab product! So easy to use, the chicks love it, and best of all its so easy to clean. Well Done Brinsea!

Deborah 18/12/2015 5 stars

We now have 2 of these EcoGlow 20 chick brooders , they are safe , easy to use and clean . The chicks go straight underneath from day one and enjoy sitting on the top too. Have already recommend this brooder to a friend . Great product many thanks Brinsea.

Hilary Gaskin 18/12/2015 5 stars

What a great brooder. I like the way it develops a good sleeping pattern with the chicks as it emits no light it becomes naturally dark at night. Easy to clean and uses very little electricity.

Enfys Williams 18/12/2015 5 stars

Brilliant Reliable Indestructible Neat Safe Economical Affordable Brinsea all in one.

Naomi cook 07/12/2015 5 stars

I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and think it's brilliant stays at a regular temp so my 5 chicks are happy to be underneath it has truely kept them warm when transferring the from incubator to brooder.

Amanda Barker 30/11/2015 5 stars

Brilliant product, keeps chicks nice and warm. Wish it was easier to adjust height mechanism though

Stephanie Dagg 27/11/2015 5 stars

I'm delighted with this brooder. It works really well and keeps chicks really cosy. The height of the heating unit can be changed so it 'grows' along with your chicks. Mine often perch on top of of it too, and it's easy to clean up after them. Excellent product.

Sam Benson 27/11/2015 5 stars

In addition to the Octagon 20 I bought one of these earlier this year from a stockist. Very sturdy, very warm but not too warm. Makes an excellent climbing and jumping spot for brave chicks. Lovely product, might need a second one this year!!

Vicki Wilson 26/11/2015 5 stars

This brooder is great. Having hatched chicks and ducklings for 30 + years and always used a light I was so please with how much easier this is. They look really happy under it or on top of it keeping warm. It is easy to clean. The only down side is it means they can try to escape by jumping on top then if it is too close to the edge of the enclosure making a leap for freedom!

Carol Stonehouse 25/05/2015 5 stars

Great brooder for a smaller number of chicks, I took mine to school to show children the chicks and I found this product to be very safe low voltage. Adjustable and easy to set up, cleans easily with damp kitchen roll and a soft toothbrush for the top, where the embossed lettering is. All round a great brooder for a beginner or an experienced hatcher.

Lin Devine 25/05/2015 5 stars

Fab little gadget. Chicks were happy as it kept them warm and gave them somewhere to hide. As they grew it also served as a climbing frame for them to jump up on. Easy to clean too. I borrowed one the first time but liked it so much I have now purchased my own

alf 19/05/2015 5 stars

what can I say that has not already been said, does what it says on the tin ( as the expression goes), safe to use, cheap to run, easy to set up, safe for kids + chicks under it. after using this I have decided to order the brinsea overview candling lamp now. brother wants his incubator back so I am looking at buying one of the brinsea mini advance incubators next when I can afford one.

Colin Robbins 17/05/2015 5 stars

Best buy that I have made for a long time, my chicks are kept warm and safe underneath this little beauty. I bought mine last year and used it for Quail as well as Chicks, with no loss to stock. Cheap to run too and with the 12 volt system perfectly safe to use. As with all things Brinsea it comes with a good warranty and is backed up by Brinsea's fantastic customer service Highly recommend it.

Michelle Martin 17/05/2015 5 stars

We bought one of these alongside out incubator. It is a fantastic little brooder. It has 3 heights to use as the chick grow or for different sized chicks. I have used it for duck, turkeys and chicks and they all stayed lovely and warm under it.

Mike huss 26/04/2015 5 stars

Nice safe brooder. Great piece of kit. Much better alternative to a heat lamp.

Nicola Walker 26/04/2015 5 stars

Really like this brooder. I feel it is much safer than using a bulb. The chicks really like it, they like going under it. I think it replicates feeling of hiding under the hen, and is more comforting for them. I have used it for both chickens and quail with equal success.

Sue Chapman 26/04/2015 5 stars

The chicks love it. I think it would be a squash for 20 chicks. I hatched 12 and by the end of 1 week not much spare room. A bit worrying altering heights that I might damage the clips as some people report they have done but so far so good.

Ruth J 24/04/2015 5 stars

I would like to tell you that the Brinsea Ovaview candling lamp and Ecoglow Chick Brooder have been invaluable to our science department. The candling lamp was a really effective way of seeing into the eggs too ascertain which ones were fertile during their incubation period. Once hatched, the brooder then came into play; the different heights we could adjust it too was a really useful feature as the chicks grew.

Charlotte Eades 15/09/2014 5 stars

i have used it with great success and so much safer than a red bulb

Dave Tee 15/09/2014 5 stars

Hi my favourite Brinsea product is the ecoglow brooder. After almost having a fire when a heat lamp was knocked over, then another incident with a heat lamp blowing during the night and finding 14 of my chicks dead because they had been smothered. We purchased an ecoglow and my chicks love it, I am using it for coturnix chicks. I love that it saves me money on power, I don't have to worry about it starting a fire and it is so easy to use and keep clean. Cheers Brinsea!

Eric Ashton 15/09/2014 5 stars

All products from brinsea are very good I bought heater could not do without it now

Chris D 15/09/2014 5 stars

Currently I have two of your products, the Mini ECO incubator and the EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder, and whilst both products are superb, and its difficult to pick between them, I have to say I like the EcoGlow Brooder, as it makes brooding new chicks easy, with no worries about bulbs etc.

Jane 02/07/2014 5 stars

Lovely. Felt safe around the kids- who were very inquisitive. Worked well for both ducklings and goslings. Easy to clean/ disinfect.

John Yale 02/07/2014 5 stars

Chicks loved it - easy to clean afterwards and very low power - superb

Marion Adams RVN 02/07/2014 5 stars

I originally bought the EcoGlow20 as a follow on from the Brinsea incubator for 5 ducklings I hatched. It has since seen use for a Dunnock chick, Jackdaw chicks, Pheassnt chicks and it is the first item I grab for any wildlife that comes in cold, wet or as a naked baby. With the variety of height settings it is possible to accomodate even a sick rabbit under it. I have made 1 alteration, for in car use, of a cigarette lighter plug as I now take the brooder with me on rescues. Superb piece of kit worth every penny and much more!

George Clarkson 02/07/2014 5 stars

Simple but excellent no-nonsense brooder. My chicks loved it!

Sarah Taylor 27/06/2014 5 stars

Very pleased with product - especially the super easy height adjuster as the chicks grow so quickly!

Rob Lewis 27/06/2014 5 stars

A great product. Saved a fortune on the cost of running a heat lamp, my home office is no longer at 90 degrees and the chicks loved it. At first they huddled under it and as they got older used it as a perch.

Freya Carter 27/06/2014 5 stars

Does a great job! My chicks develop much more healthily than when I used to use a lamp. So good I've got two :)

hilly Weller 27/06/2014 5 stars

Wouldn't have chosen this but it was part of the beginner's kit and I'm so glad it was! It is cheap to run, safe for children and easily cleaned. It seems right that new chicks can huddle somewhere dark instead of being under a bright light. Downsides? It is difficult to clip in and out to adjust the height and bold chicks use it as a jump-off point for breaking out!

Sharon 27/06/2014 5 stars

A great little brooder so safe and easy to use. It has height adjustment and is easy to keep clean.

Lauren browning 26/09/2013 5 stars

Brilliant brooder-would recommend to anyone looking for a compact well priced brooder!

keith rushton 06/08/2013 5 stars

Our first ducklings! This was recommended to us by a very knowledgable sales assistant, he suggested that although seemingly a little more expensive than a heat lamp and the necessary fittings, this eco version uses ALOT less of the expensive electricity, is much less likely to cause safety issue (especially setting fire to your house!) and is much easier to set up (click the legs on and plug in). I think the difference was less than a fiver - so a sound investment I think. The ducklings seem to love the constant gentle warmth and lounge under the radiant panel as if at some super-luxury "duck only" beach resort. I would not hesitate to agree with the recommendation to buy this instead of a '70s UV lamp, get modern and get eco!

Carleen Lewis 26/07/2013 5 stars

Excellent product, highly recommend to anyone who wants a hassle free, ecomonical and adjustable brooder not to mention contented chicks!

Simon Lawton 21/07/2013 5 stars

I was worried about Heatlamps, correct Temperatures etc, but this Electric Hen is absolutely brilliant, and I for one, would use nothing else. you can raise the height as the chicks grow and they love snuggling under it. When they get bigger and start to feather up, Chicks love to use it as a platform to jump off and stretch their wings!! :) Easy to clean, and has never let me down.

James Gray 19/07/2013 5 stars

This is a really good brooder, it is cheap to run and very safe, Can be easily cleaned after use. I would recommend this product

Sally Duncalf 19/07/2013 5 stars

Brilliant- the chicks warmed under it- the ducklings perched on top and loved it. Well recommended .

Vicki How 19/07/2013 5 stars

This brooder is excellent! I love the simplicity. Its is easy to clean. I would recommend it.

Andrew How 19/07/2013 5 stars

This brooder is so simple and effective. I would recommend this product to anyone. It was so good, we bought another!

Joy shipley 19/07/2013 5 stars

We bought this brooder from you and again cannot fault it. An amazing product . Our ducklings loved it and it kept them warm enough .much better and easier to use than a bulb .

Gill Ainge 19/07/2013 5 stars

I have used this brooder many times with good success. Great for small hatches, takes up little space to store and is easy to clean.

J Howard 19/07/2013 5 stars

I love this product. It is easy to clean It adapts to the growing chick My 3 year old brooder has never broken down Much cleaner and easier to use than heat bulbs Chicks love to hide away under the breeder. Fab!

Tracy Sutton 19/07/2013 5 stars

This is a great brooder, perfect for newly hatched chicks.

Bonnie 07/03/2013 5 stars

I absolutely love this brooder. I have one 20 chick and a 50 chick brooder. They're perfectly safe, so I know I wont burn the house down.

sugiharto tanoto 07/12/2012 5 stars

it's seem very cute and funny for chicks....

justin vedsall 29/11/2012 5 stars

I have tried other brooders with little sucess. I was recommended to try an eco brooder and I have never looked back,over the past two season I have brought off broods of Ducks and two of Chickens.Easy to handle and clean and above all safe.

Lisa Hirons 24/11/2012 5 stars

I bought a Eco Glo 20 to brood my first ever ducklings.........i was so impressed with the product i bought another one for some ducklings i bought..........i have since won best runner duck at the Morten Morrell show to which i was totally shocked....beginners luck?...or is it due to the ducklings having a good start in life with the EcoGlow...... I will be buying another one this year......i love the way the ducklings all nestle under the heat just like they would under mum...... And i believe that the EcoGlow is far better for their health than infra red heat lamps which zap the vitamins and minerals from their food..... All in all i would use nothing else to raise my ducklings.......

JackieB 24/11/2012 5 stars

These lamps are very practical. easy to clean, easy to set up and most of all , the chicks benefit from the steady warmth. And the adjustable frame means it can be used for chicks large or small.

Alec 24/11/2012 5 stars

Great product i recommend it as I’ve been using mine for 2 years flat out and it’s still going great. It keeps the chicks warm and pretty much doesn’t cost a thing Only problem is my chicks began to use it as a playground jumping over it and making a mess. This is a great product when teaching children how to care for animals as they are always picking them in and out of the brooder and this is very strong and not as dangerous as a burning light bulb which you can early burn yourself on I give this 5 stars

Michelle Hansen 24/11/2012 5 stars

This wonderful brooder allowed my 4 year old son to hand raise some chicks in his bedroom. It is completely safe. I had peace of mind knowing that he wouldn't burn himself on it or set the house on fire. I now recommend these to all of my poultry friends.

robin pryer 24/11/2012 2 stars

I bought this item last year to compliment a 3 egg rcom incubator which has been nothing but fantastic. Can be set at different heights or at an angle so chicks can cuddle up. (Excellent advice from staff here) unfortunately the plug exploded on day 1 so had to buy an immediate replacement. I hadn't contacted the company about this due to being too busy so can't comment on aftersales, but will use again when I replace my incubator. Unfortunately extra expense of the plug effects score. One last thing about this heater. The embossed lettering is a nightmare to clean when adventurous chicks jump on top and do their business. Using some heat shrink rubber and a hairdryer I covered the lettering and makes cleaning a breeze. Perhaps something for manufacturers to consider if undergoing a facelift

Alexandra 22/11/2012 4 stars

I like this brooder, as others have said it is easy and the chicks like to sit under it or on it. It can be a bit difficult to adjust the height, but overall a good product. I am a child so it is easy to use for kids!

silverfox0786 25/10/2012 5 stars

This is a very very nice Brooder and the low wattage beats any lamp any day. only issue i had with it was when changing the hights it was very hard to click the legs off and sometimes felt i might break it. as for 20 chicks its pretty spot on for 20 chicks but only for 2 weeks then its too small for 20 chicks. Overall i am very pleased and defo recommend it for 10-15 chicks max

David Shilling 25/10/2012 5 stars

Great brooder. The savings in electricity means that it more than pays for itself, with the added advantage that you don't have to worry about light bulbs burning out on cold nights. Actually came on this site to order a second one.

Lee 25/10/2012 5 stars

Best little heater ever, from day old chicks this is fab, chicks snuggle under and keep warm leaving you to rest easy x

Owen Peake 20/10/2012 4 stars

Ideal for the beginner and especially if children are involved. The brooder is light and easy to clean, and best feature is it is free standing so no hassle of trying to hang it. But be warned you won't get 20 three week old large fowl under it if the weather turns cold.

Judith Gooby 20/10/2012 5 stars

I received this product for my birthday last March and I must say that it has made life for me and my chickens a lot easier. They really seemed content to sit underneath and thrived. They are now running around free range and have just started laying.

A J Brown 20/10/2012 5 stars

Excellent product! Was afraid to use heat lamp offered by a neighbour because of exposed bulb and glad I bought this brooder. Chicks love being under it (and on top of it, when they grow bigger!) and it's incredibly easy to keep clean. The height adjustment is also useful for growing chicks and it's easy to move around the brooding cage.

Jan Pepper 20/10/2012 5 stars

This is a great product, just switch it on and no more worries! So easy to clean and much safer than heat lamps. I like that it allows chicks to sleep naturally with no constant light on. They also love jumping on and off the top and sitting on it. I'm saving up for the bigger version now so I can hatch more at a time next year!

Andrew Link 27/04/2012 5 stars

Bought one liked it so much I bought a second to do rolling hatches. More natural than lights and cheaper what more could you want (other than the bottom rung being 0.5cm lower for when they first hatch but a towel folded underneath does the job)

Bastian 02/04/2012 5 stars

This is a great little brooder. My chicks (quails & serama) love it. Power saving and better than a lamp.

MIke Harris 27/03/2012 5 stars

Great little brooder, my 2 week old chicks happy sit on it all day and sleep under it at night. Can't fault it :)

Virginia Holland 27/03/2012 5 stars

Great brooder. Works well and is easy to clean. The baby chicks went underneath when small and then sat ontop later on. Not that easy to alter the hight of the cover though, as you need a scewdriver to push the little tabs in. Okay once you've got the knack of doing it.

Sandra 15/03/2012 5 stars

Love the ecoglow brooder, I am a big fan of Brinsea and so are my chickens!

Damian Mason 15/03/2012 5 stars

Really really really really super.

Aaron Farmer 15/03/2012 4 stars

An excellent brooder that is simple to use, safe and uses very little power therefor very economical! I've had much success with this product.

Tracy Sutton 01/03/2012 5 stars

Excellent product, easy to use and set up for first time hatching eggs. Would recommend this to beginners hatching a small amount of chicks.

Rob Francis 01/03/2012 5 stars

This is a great product. Ideal for most poultry. Much easier than using the infra red lamp. Lasts the chicks for weeks and the 3 different height levels work brilliantly. Would recommend this to all trying to raise a few chicks.

Learnmore Masendeke 01/03/2012 5 stars

This product is just good for its purpose!

Gina Upex 01/03/2012 5 stars

The most natural way to raise your chicks other than a broody hen. The chicks thrive under the warmth and shelter the brooder provides. Low on electric costs and much prefered to the electric heat lamps I used to use.

Mrs E Sherriff 01/03/2012 5 stars

Really impressed with this brooder, found it easy to use and much easier to clean than others I had used. Great not having to worry about whether it will fry or chill chicks as convential heat lamps are hit and miss with height, no unnatural lighting at night either. Well worth the money.

Alan Maltby 01/03/2012 4 stars

The reduced wattage and clever design not only makes this a very cost effective way,compared to a heat lamp, of keeping chicks warm and cosy but allows the chicks to keep active and practice roosting.

sally christopher 01/03/2012 5 stars

Brilliant little brooder which is not only economical to run but your chicks get used to the daytime/nightime scenario. It is easily adjustable to three different height settings according to the size/age of your birds. I was so pleased with this product that I purchased another one!

Lesley McMurray  01/03/2012 5 stars

This is a brilliant product and fantastic value. I would recommend it to everyone. Very easy to use and clean.

Rannvi Wallen 01/03/2012 5 stars

worth it's price. Made it much easier to care for newly hatched chicks. I slept much better knowing the chicks were lovely and warm. And the chicks seemed to grow faster.

vincent 19/08/2011 5 stars

its a good product i believe

C mack 30/06/2011 3 stars

Shame the transformers dont last very long. NOTE FROM BRINSEA CUSTOMER SERVICES: These are the power supply units, unfortunately we have had a batch where there have been several that have turned out to be faulty. We have been replacing these free of charge as soon as the problem is brought to our attention.

Rosemary Pockett 01/04/2011 5 stars

A brilliant idea, heaps better than a lamp as it does not use nearly as much electric, which is great has we have no mains electric.

Lorraine Griffiths 23/01/2011 5 stars

A brilliant bit of kit, so much easier to use than a lamp, as we only hatched 7 eggs at a time this brooder kept our chicks cosy till they were 6 weeks old, and they had such fun jumping on and off as well, and when older they roosted on top using the ends as perches.

Stephen Wells 22/01/2011 5 stars

A convenient and easy way to keep our little ducklings warm and cosy in their early days.

Sandy Lee 22/01/2011 4 stars

Im a great fan of Brinsea and will always go for this brand out of choice. I was one of those costumers that bought one with a silver underside. This was returned as suggested by Brinsea and up graded to the new black underside. A vast improvement. This is why i stick to Brinsea - great after service that you cant fault.

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