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/ Mini ADVANCE Incubator

Mini ADVANCE Incubator

Mini ADVANCE Incubator

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Brinsea's Mini ADVANCE incubator is a fan assisted egg incubator holding up to 7 eggs which are turned automatically. Up to 12 smaller eggs (e.g. pheasant or quail) can be accommodated using the optional small egg disk. The combination of a simple yet accurate menu driven digital control, fan assistance and carefully directed airflow  result in a machine which is deceptively sophisticated yet convenient and extremely easy to use. The digital display shows incubation temperature (in °C or °F), days remaining before hatch and turning status. The user can alter settings to control incubation temperature, temperature units, turning interval, turning angle, the number of days your eggs take to hatch from fresh and the high and low temperature alarm limits. If the number of days to hatch isn't known then the automatic turning can be controlled by the user and easily turned off when the first egg cracks.

The Mini ADVANCE incubator can accomodate eggs up to 65mm in length. This includes most hens and ducks eggs, some turkey eggs but not goose eggs.

The high quality clear top allows you to see every second of an egg hatching from every angle. Brinsea's Mini incubators run at 12v for safety and are supplied with a mains power adaptor.

Brinsea have now incorporated a cooling option in all their Advance models of egg incubators for 2012 for proven increases in hatch rates. This feature turns the incubator’s heater and low temperature alarm off for a selected period but keeps the fan running. After the cooling period is complete the incubator reverts to normal temperature and the alarm is automatically reset. Further information on the benefits of cooling in incubation can be found by clicking here...

The Mini ADVANCE is covered by Brinsea's free 2 year quarantee (just follow the user instructions to register online).

The Brinsea Mini ECO and Mini ADVANCE incubators are designed to be used by children as well as adults but they are not toys and children should only use them under adult supervision.

Please note:  It is NOT possible to upgrade the Mini Eco and Mini Advance to become a Mini Advance EX as the control systems for each machine are different and they are not compatible with each other.

IMPORTANT:- After hatching, the smallest chicks (e.g. quail) can be at risk from drowning in the water pots. It is advised that small pebbles or marbles are placed in each water pot before hatching to reduce this risk. This will not reduce the evaporation of the water if the level is maintained to just above the pebbles.


Now protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

For more information please click here…

The Brinsea Mini Eco, Mini Advance and Mini Advance EX are subject to Registered Community Design Application No 001130082.


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Susan 17/03/2014 5 stars

Brillian piece of kit currently on day 18 of hatching green legged partridges and all is working brilliantly. Would definately recommend this product.

Robert Wiggins 26/09/2013 5 stars

First class buy, even better when you watch your chicks hatch. So easy even for the novice like me. Just follow the Brinsea advice that comes with the Mini. Can't go wrong.

Flora Todd 23/08/2013 4 stars

I am currently on day 15 of hatching 12 Coturnix quail. I have just had to remove the egg tray and place the eggs on a sheet of kitchen towel within the incubator. The floor is slippery for the chicks, causing splayed legs. Also it is very hard to raise the humidity without the temperature dropping dramatically. However for the past 14 days it has been a wonderful incubator. In the beginning it is incredibly easy to set and can keep the temperature very stable meaning that once it is set you can leave it. Its clear dome allows you to view the chicks during hatch. All in all it is an excellent incubator and I would recommend it to any first time hatchers and anyone with a small flock wishing to experiment in hatching. All of the problems above should not effect the chicks too much as the temperature can drop without harming the chicks in the final days of hatching.

Simon Lawton 21/07/2013 5 stars

I repeat what I said in the earlier review that this is the best small incubator on the market today, and mine is currently hatching 7 Serama Eggs and is sat next to my chair in the living room so I can watch the miracle of nature! I had a few questions, as never had the instructions, Brinsea's customer services helped me immensely :)

Claire Evans 19/07/2013 5 stars

What a fantastic product...our first time breeding chicks and this product was so easy to use and produced amazing results.

simon lawton 19/07/2013 5 stars

Without doubt the best small incubator on the market. Any questions or advice Brinsea Staff are extremely helpful and efficient. I dealt with a young lady called Sally Kershaw and she is a credit to the company. This incubator does it all for you, has accessories for smaller eggs and is ideal for youngsters to watch chicks hatch

Lewis Wescott 07/12/2012 5 stars

A great little incubator with a great little price! We have used this as part of our Incubation & Rearing project at school with great success and resulted in 7 happy chicks. The clear top gave great views of the chicks hatching which was captured on camera and viewed across school. The digital display was easy to use and students were able to keep an eye on the countdown to hatch day. Would recommend to all beginners!

RHIANNON EVANS 24/11/2012 5 stars

This is an outstanding product. Neat and easy to use. Even though the mini eco is a good product, The automatic does the work for you, its also less handling so less contamination. Brilliant product and real fun to use.

R. Connotte 20/10/2012 5 stars

as a first time breeder, my husband bought this small incubator. We are very pleased with it and used it all trough summer with amazing results. Most of the time all eggs turned into new cute little chicks. It's easy to use, easy to clean and has a good view. Now the the south of Holland has a new breeder in the ras Silkie Chicken, already we recieved request for new chicks and with this reliable incubator we can breed again... maybe we have to buy a bigger version.

Deb Howe 20/10/2012 5 stars

Having used several different incubators i can honestly say these are the best from the point of view of easy of use and cleaning, reliability and most importantly hatch rate! Worth every penny!!!

Sue Lyman 20/10/2012 5 stars

This is a great little incubator, I had never hatched eggs before, but followed the instructions and had great success with my first (and second) batch of eggs. Easy to maintain, a good size, easy to clean and a good size to store.

RHIANNON EVANS 20/10/2012 5 stars

I bought this after using the eco mini for the first time as I loved the product so much. This mini advance is brilliant and does the job well. I'm so impressed with its quality and now addicted to hatching eggs I will upgrade to the octo 20 auto in the new year. Brinsea does a good job when it comes to performance and quality.

Jan Burrows 27/03/2012 5 stars

This is my first incubator but I am now on my third hatch (currently of quail). It is easy to set up and is compact which is useful as the only space I have is on my desk! The indicator on the top means that you can see the countdownof the days to hatching time and the clear sides allow you to monitor the result.

Virginia Lee 01/03/2012 5 stars

This is a super little incubator, particularly suitable for quail as with the optional small turning circle in place it will take up to 12 eggs. My first try at hatching was a complete success, the chicks were all healthy and vigorous, and it was wonderful to be able to see them emerging and to video the process. (see my Youtube videos at What more need I say? More eggs in the incubator, next Sunday is booked out for family watching time!

Rebecca Kiggins 01/03/2012 5 stars

I recieved this incubator as a Christmas present from my husband after waiting for a long time. I couldn't wait to get started and this is brilliant incubator. Hassle free and really easy to use! It was my first time, and after fretting for 21 days I got healthy and strong chicks. I'm now hooked and want to buy another Brinsea incubator - this is how good they are. I recommend this to anyone starting out in hatching eggs - worth every penny.

Katy 01/03/2012 5 stars

As my first incubator I am thrilled with this! It fits on my worktop, is easy to set up and use, a cinch to clean and store. Brilliant for the kids to watch the whole hatching process, as the visibility is great. For the home enthusiast I would whole heartedly recommend this unit.

sally christopher 01/03/2012 5 stars

A fantastic little incubator that gives great hatching results! I was so impressed I bought another one! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start incubating on a smaller scale as it is does nearly everything for you. Easy to follow instructions and fantasic customer support if you have any queries/problems.

Robert Bratton 01/03/2012 5 stars

This incubator and infact all brinseas incubators are fantastic precise affordable pieces of equipment. I always have a 100% hatch rate with call duck eggs. Every feature works fantastic, this company know what they are doing. The split water pot provides perfect humidity throughout the hatch, the incubator also holds its temperature perfectly. Call ducks are notoriously hard to hatch but not at all with this incubator. I will not use any other company for my incubation products.

Elena Slee 19/05/2011 5 stars

Excellent results and hassle free 21 days during incubation. I've just bought my second Mini Automatic. Well done, Brinsea.

Sandy Lee 12/05/2011 5 stars

I was so pleased with this model that i now have 2 of them. Very easy to use,very relible and vision is very clear. Easy to clean. Great for beginers and the serious. Make sure you follow the advice about putting marbles/pebbles in the well once chicks have hatched as you do need to do this to void any chicks drowning onced hatched. Highly recommend.

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