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/ Mini ECO Incubator

Mini ECO Incubator

Mini ECO Incubator

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Brinsea's Mini ECO incubator is a fan assisted manual turn egg incubator holding up to 10 hens eggs or equivalent. The combination of proven electronic temperature control, fan assistance, carefully directed airflow and a specially made glass thermometer result in a machine which is deceptively sophisticated yet extremely easy to use. The Mini ECO comes factory set to the commonest incubation temperature but this can be adjusted if necessary. The high quality clear top allows you to see every second of an egg hatching from every angle. The Mini ECO is covered by Brinsea's free 2 year quarantee (just follow the user instructions to register online).

The Brinsea Mini ECO and Mini ADVANCE incubators are designed to be used by children as well as adults but they are not toys and children should only use them under adult supervision.  Both models run from 12v for safety and are supplied with a mains power adaptor.

Please note:  It is NOT possible to upgrade the Mini Eco and Mini Advance to become a Mini Advance EX as the control systems for each machine are different and they are not compatible with each other.

IMPORTANT:- After hatching, the smallest chicks (e.g. quail) can be at risk from drowning in the water pots. It is advised that small pebbles or marbles are placed in each water pot before hatching to reduce this risk. This will not reduce the evaporation of the water if the level is maintained to just above the pebbles.


Now protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

For more information please click here…

The Brinsea Mini Eco, Mini Advance and Mini Advance EX are subject to Registered Community Design Application No 001130082.


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shahram nazm 25/07/2014 5 stars

Hello, really i am interested in, i see the item is very good and the company is well-known , thank you

jack 02/07/2014 5 stars

Ive brought one of these mini eco incubators and really could not fault it in anyway what so ever i have had it just over a year now and had many successful hatches with it and never had to adjust the temp setting on it just plug it in the day before i want to put the eggs in and the temp is spot on everytime! im considering buying the eco 20 aswell as keeping the mini eco as i have friends who use these and always have perfect hatches and temps with them i really could not fault brinsea at all and with a 2 year free guarantee aswell it just proves they sell decent goods and not cheap things from china! keep up the good work brinsea and i will hopefully be purchasing the eco 20 from you soon :) thanks

William 27/06/2014 5 stars

Absolute Fantastic, Just like the mini advance but manual, great and easy to use we have used this product for many years and can't fault Brinsea at all, what a fantastic product and company.

Sarah Taylor 27/06/2014 5 stars

Really love the incubator, have had it for a year now, and achieved 100% success with all fertile eggs we incubated!

T Chong 27/06/2014 5 stars

I have used it once and got 75% (3 out of 4) success. I satisfy the result. 27/06/2014 4 stars

Ik ben sinds kort in het bezit van een eco mini Brinsea broedmachine en hij bevalt prima. Zeker als het puur hobby matig is en je niet veel eieren wilt uit broeden. Het zelf keren van de eieren is ook prima te doen. Ik ben zeer tevreden! Groetjes Sabrina

Simon Lawton 27/06/2014 5 stars

I have one of these as well as the mini advance but this one is manual turn and with my clumsy big Mitts, I worry about turning delicate Eggs by hand. The Incubator is faultless and I am hopefully firing her up soon to try and hatch some Tortoise Eggs as they don't need turning!! Take a few months to hatch apparently, but I have every confidence in this quality bit of Kit!

C Rowley 27/06/2014 5 stars

i bought a cheap import mini inccy. worst thing i ever did. virtually nothing hatched. bought one of these, best thing ever. 80% hatch rate. its easy to use, easy to clean, instructions are clear and concise. you get what you pay for. cant recommend highly enough!

Julia Cornes 27/06/2014 5 stars

After the disaster of losing all my eggs on my first attempt my incubator was replaced and I successfully hatched a single duck egg out of a batch of damaged(dropped, but not by me!) eggs. George (my duck) now has two female companions. I do not cease to be amazed at the wonder of creating life. George was obviously an example of the survival of the fittest but would not have had a chance without the superb and simple to use incubator.

Richard Crawford 17/03/2014 4 stars

Very good product, however wish I had gone with the advanced version as when im at work its easier for the wife to then adjust temperatures if needed. Also the advance is auto turn. Otherwise this product is very good for the beginner however think I will be upgrading next year. If the mini eco had a digital temperature function that would make it a lot more functional for people.

Connor Madden 06/08/2013 5 stars

Its my first time using an incubator and my friend told me about this one and its great for beginners! The best part is that its affordable also the instructions are really helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to hatch a few eggs!

Kelly Hodgson 29/11/2012 5 stars

Fantastic product so easy to use with clear instructions I have had a brilliant hatch rate while using this little beauty. Would recommend to any one beginners and experienced people alike.

Alexandra 22/11/2012 3 stars

I had three successful small batches with this easy to use little incubator and as my confidence grew I tried a bigger batch. Two days before hatching the incubator stopped producing hot air. I cleaned it but nothing helped. However, I am talking to Brinsea and they have responded really quick. I would be keen to get another one. I am a child, and thought it was great to use (while it was going!).

Peter Lawrence 25/10/2012 5 stars

This was my second small incubator as I wanted to increase the number of birds I could hatch together. The hatch rate using this incubator was so high I sold the other incubator (from another manufacturer) as I didnt need to use it. I have now used it for around ten hatches with great results each time, some hatch rates were as high as 80% It is well designed and has a definite high quality feel to it and I would highly recommend it to anyone starting out.If I choose to upgrade to a larger automatic incubator I will be staying with Brinsea.

Marcus 20/10/2012 5 stars

I come from Sweden and i bougt this machine to my father inlaw.he was very happy and me to( i like this to) we tryed 8 eggs from his hens but only one cracked.then i contakted my friend who has an eggproduktion company and i got 10 eggs from him.8 went into themachine and 7 of them hatched 3female and 4males.i canrecomend this produkt wery mutch.sorry for my poor english/marcus Thank you Marcus, your English is much better than our Swedish!

Ridwaan Joghee 20/10/2012 5 stars

I had this product for incubating my chickens, i missed the delivery date whilst the post person was knocking my door, after 2 days i went to collect the eggs at my local post office and placed them, in my incubator, following the useful instructions and the brinsea mini incubator kept me up to date with all the hatching structures and candling. My egg didn't hatch on the 21st day because the chickens that i was incubating needed more energy to come out of its shell but there was signs of cracks on the eggs which made me happy, the next day on the afternoon, i looked at my brinsea mini eco and i saw 3 beautiful chicks. Recommended for YOUNG ADULTS, CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS, EVEN FOR SCHOOLS AROUND THE UK. BUT I WONT SUGGEST THIS FOR BUSINESS, INSTEAD FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES I WOULD RECOMMEND THE 'OCTAGON 20' AT VERY LEAST.

Carol Ireland 20/10/2012 5 stars

This is a great incubator, once set up it held its temperature steadily for the whole duration. It was easy to read the thermometer until the chicks hatched. The only downside I would say is that although it holds 10 hen eggs easily when they start to hatch it becomes a bit cramped for the chicks and they are climbing all over the unhatched/hatching eggs so maybe just do 8 at a time. Saying that it was great to be able to see them all hatch and dry out. I guess a nest would be just as cramped!

Emma Wood 20/10/2012 5 stars

We used this recently to hatch Indian Runner Ducks. Out of the 4 fertile eggs, 3 successfully hatched. I highly recommend this product. We have hatched many chickens, quails and now ducks. It is easy to use and to clean. It sits neatly on the side in the kitchen where all our visitors can view our eggs.

Ridwaan Joghee 30/08/2012 5 stars

This was the best starters i ever had, it hatches my chicks with the right humidity and the right time, also the downfall about this product is how you have to automatically have to turn the eggs, but i think that its great fun and also the other downfall is the the space area in the incubator is really small (lack of space) so it might be difficult for them to walk around etc. Also the great thing about BRINSEA PRODUCTS is that it gives you a 2 YEAR FREE WARRANTY, (normally worth paying a fortune for. SO IF THE ITEM BREAK THEY WILL REPLACE OR REPAIR. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR ADULTS, YOUNG ADULTS, TEENS AND CHILDREN (NOT BABIES)

colette lamen 01/03/2012 5 stars

brilliant little inky that have hatched me some beautiful little chicks 3 time and each time my kids have loved that they can see it all happening right in front of them cant rate this high enough

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