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Brinsea was established in 1976 by Frank Pearce, an engineer with an interest in breeding birds. The interest became a passion, and the engineering knowledge of the control of temperature and ventilation enabled him to introduce innovative and effective egg incubators and brooders for breeders of a wide range of birds.

The intervening years have seen the successful application of more patents than the rest of the small incubator industry combined, culminating in the introduction of the world's first Contact Incubator to provide the environment that eggs really hatch best in - the natural nest.

Yousef Zeidan from Naïf Poultry Co. Kuwait receiving a sales award from Brinsea Chairman, Frank Pearce (right).

Key to success of Brinsea’s bird breeding products is the practical application of new technology. Products are designed to be long lasting, energy efficient, effective and easy to use. As new technologies arise, we evaluate and adopt them only if they offer tangible benefits for Brinsea’s customers.

Brinsea Products has extensive design and testing facilities in-house complete with 3D CAD facilities and an active product development program.  Every step of every process is subject to quality assurance procedures. Brinsea work with UK suppliers wherever possible which means tighter control over quality and supply as well as supporting local industries and reducing product carbon footprint

Brinsea works closely with breeding centres of excellence and experts in the field, as well as conducting in-house test and development programmes – always checking that improvements are effective in practice and designs are practical and reliable. The result is a comprehensive range of products that suit all small scale bird and breeding needs. We have received widespread acclaim and are used by breeding centres as diverse as the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge, the National Centre for Birds of Prey, the Roslin Institute and Bristol Zoo, to name just a few.

Export Sales Development Manager, John Tait (left) and Brinsea MD, Ian Pearce (right) and attending a trade fair in Dubai.

Brinsea’s move to Weston-super-Mare to newly fitted factory and offices gives the opportunity to increase output (the company currently employs 38 staff), efficiency, quality and the rate of new product introductions. Advanced new incubators are under development along with Veterinary Intensive Care Units sold under the Vetario brand. 80% of Brinsea’s production is exported and the Company has 35 worldwide distributors from Angola to Venezuela making Brinsea Products a UK manufacturing success story.

Brinsea's new factory in Weston-super-Mare was opened by Kate Humble, farmer, journalist and broadcaster. Kate is a Brinsea customer and has ordered one of Brinsea's new OvaEasy 100 incubators for use on her farm.

Since its humble beginnings Brinsea has developed into a highly professional team, each member of which is properly qualified for the job. However, Brinsea is still very much a family business devoted to the production of bird breeding products of the finest quality and value for money, and to the best possible service to customers.

All Brinsea branded products are proudly made in Britain.