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/ OvaView and OvaScope Egg Candling Pack

OvaView and OvaScope Egg Candling Pack

OvaView and OvaScope Egg Candling Pack

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OvaView and OvaScope Egg Candling Pack

The OvaView LED battery powered egg candling lamp including the matching OvaScope viewer. The OvaView is a purpose designed battery powered egg candler using a high output rugged LED to illuminate the contents of the egg. The OvaScope shrouds the egg and OvaView and magnifies the image of the illuminated egg making examination of the growing embryo much easier and without having to dim the room lighting. There is a lug on each side of the eyepiece tube so that a typical webcam can be held in place using an elastic band (see the instruction leaflet for more details). We don't stock or specify a particular webcam, all the ones we have tried so far have worked. Your webcam will need to have focus adjustment to ensure you get a good image of the embryo. The OvaScope makes candling much easier and is ideal for schools or for presentations.

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The OvaView is protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

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The OvaView is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0004

The OvaScope is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0003


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Joanna McGlaughlin 20/10/2017 5 stars

Excellent product. So practical and easy to use. You cannot do without having one of these if hatching eggs.

Derek Trelore. 21/09/2017 5 stars

A brilliant piece of kit for any serious poultry keeper, gives a perfect view of the growing embryo inside the egg. Egg can be turned from the outside of the unit. Only thing I found wrong with the produce was, it's a bit small to candle duck eggs, but these can be done by using a different style of candling.

Girls Bavington 21/09/2017 5 stars

When first receiving the OvaView I could see that the product was well made and offered a very bright LED light. With the eggs placed in my Octogen 20 it made light work candling them by just placing the light over the top of each egg without disturbing them too much (less chance of me dropping them). When the OvaView is teamed with the OvaScope it made light work of our darker and thicker shelled eggs, allowing us to see much more than most candlers would allow. Being battery operated means that it can be used both in the comfort of the house with the incubator and down with the broodies outside alike. No cable and plug to worry about. Definitely a product I'd recommend.

Richard Kavanagh 20/09/2017 5 stars

This is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of fertility and development. For Goose eggs, just darkened the room and use the candler - just as good.Will definitely recommend to friends.

Glyn Purnell 30/11/2015 5 stars

I chose Brinsea as its a tried and trusted brand for all things poultry. I found it very easy to use and for children to see development. Good bright light and easy to view eggs - even in the daylight. I have had better results with candling since using.

Sue 26/06/2015 5 stars

I have a Brinsea Mini Eco - the OvaView has been a fantastic product - several times it has saved having my incubator going for 3 weeks with infertile eggs!

Jane Eardley 26/06/2015 5 stars

The OvaView and OvaScope pack arrived today, thank you. I normally use the older type Brinsea candling lamp & I'm really impressed with how good the OvaView is in comparison. I'd got one more batch of eggs in the incubator, so I candled these with the OvaView and the OvaScope. The detail is amazing! It will be used for many years to come. :-)

Jared Lawrence 26/06/2015 5 stars

I won this ovaview and ovascope package in a Brinsea competion and I am very impressed with this pack. By using this it has helped me to get rid of the infetile eggs in my octagon 10 incubtor.

Jane Schnitker 25/10/2012 5 stars

The candling set was excellent. We could reject infertile eggs and watch the fertile ones grow. Also we could take out eggs that definately weren't going to hatch just before hatching. We also candled the last eggs that hadn't hatched to make sure that they definately weren't going to hatch.

Tracy Sutton 01/03/2012 5 stars

My first time at hatching eggs using a brinsea candler I found it easy to use and self explanatory. I would definitely recommend this product.

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