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/ NEW - Mini II Advance Incubator

NEW - Mini II Advance Incubator

NEW - Mini II Advance Incubator

Price: £142.14

Net Price: £118.45

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Mini II Advance

Capacity: 7 hens’ eggs

Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Mini II Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day.

High visibility cabinet
Automatic egg turning
Biomaster™ anti-microbial plastic
External water top-up
Fan-assisted airflow 
Digital temperature display in °C or °F 
Countdown to hatch and auto-turn stop 
Periodic egg cooling, room temperature alarm
Incubator temperature alarm
Power fail indicator
Programmable turn interval and angle
7 hen egg disk
Optional 12 egg small egg disk
3 year guarantee

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) as standard:

Quail 7
Pheasant - 7
Hen - 7
Duck - 7
Goose - 0

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) assumes optional small egg disk available:

Quail 12
Pheasant - 12
Hen - 7
Duck - 7
Goose - 0

► Comes supplied with one corrugated hatching mat, additional mats may be purchased by clicking here...

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures.

For more information please click here…


Product specifications:

Product weight (g): 1076
Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 245 x 244 x 165
Typical power consumption (Watts): 12
Maximum power consumption (Watts): 20


The Brinsea Mini II incubators are subject to EU design registration No: 003007103-0001

Product code: AB16

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Bridget 20/10/2017 5 stars

Used for the first time - was easy to set up following the instructions. Successful result with quail eggs first time. I would recommend this product for small batches of eggs.

Dawn c 20/10/2017 5 stars

This is an ideal incubator to hatch onload few eggs and not to big that takes up to much space. . Easy to set up for the beginner.

Olive Jones 20/10/2017 5 stars

My class of seven year olds are spell-bound as we count down the days to hatching our chicks. The Mini II is simple to use and a brilliant design for easy observation and scientific learning.

Roger 20/10/2017 5 stars

This little incubator is the "beez neez": so simple to set up and operate with cracking results every batch. Highly recommended for beginners.

Catherine Barton 20/10/2017 5 stars

We purchased 6 fertile hen eggs and to our disappointment our incubator had broke, so we were on the hunt for another that offered exactly what we needed and included fast delivery. Well done to the Incubator Shop.... Great product & easy to use. Love the fact that you can see all around it too enabling you to check each individual egg from the first time it 'wobbles' to the first 'pip'. Easy to clean too. We have recommended it to others & have offered it to our neighbours so they can experience the process!! Brinsea is trustworthy & reliable

Simon 20/10/2017 5 stars

First time hatching chicks and all 7 hatched perfectly. So easy to use and does everything automatically. Well made and the kids loved watching them wobble and hatch!

Fiona 26/09/2017 5 stars

After losing my chickens to the fox I had to start again. I bought this incubator and some eggs and it worked perfectly with the eggs that were fertile. Would definitely recommend this product.

georgaline mullen 21/09/2017 5 stars

I bought this small incubator as I thought I would never be able to get an egg to hatch. But they hatched. And I got the bug so I moved onto a bigger incubator. I still use this one if I only have 6 eggs but I mostly use it for Quails eggs now. It is so easy to use. This would be great for a class room wanting to learn children about birds etc. I know the Brinsea name and this will be with me for years to come

Bruce Robertson 21/09/2017 5 stars

Having owned this product for three years now I can certainly recommend it to small holders or hobby enthusiasts. I have had many successful hatches, both hens and ducks. It is simple to use with no degree of expertise requires. I lent mine to a friend with no experience whatsover so her grandchildren could watch and learn and she also had a very successful hatch of duck eggs.

Ant Griffith 20/09/2017 5 stars

I bought this product for my 7year old son. It has been a huge success as he is now a prize breeder at the local show. It does what it says on the can and the instructions are very easy to follow. Having the automatic egg turning is essential if you are as haphazard as us. Rated as the best Xmas present he has had. Enough said...

Richard Kavanagh 20/09/2017 5 stars

Easy to use and clean - reliable results every time. I now use this as a hatcher to dry off the Ducklings and Goslings after hatch.

Deborah  22/03/2017 5 stars

Really delighted with my new mini ll advance incubator it was delivered in just 2 days and well packaged . Set up was easy following the instructions it is all set and i will be setting eggs tomorrow.

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