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/ Bird Scarer

Bird Scarer

Bird Scarer

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Bird Scarer

Wind powered bird scarer - uses flashes of reflected sunlight and predator 'eyes' to deter wild birds without disturbing neighbours or domestic birds.

With all-metal construction and long-life ball bearing the bird scarer is build to last. Supplied with 50cm metal spindle which can either be pushed directly into the soil for lower crops or strapped to canes or posts with the re-usable tie wraps supplied for higher profile.

Ideal for use in allotments and kitchen gardens and most effective when 3 or 4 are used around a plot and their position is changed periodically.


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James P 28/04/2015 1 stars

I was rather pleased to receive one of these as a solution to our pigeon problem (dozens roosting, defecating on our flat balcony). Alas, the pigeons love the bird scarer. They sit next to it, watching it rotate, they preen themselves in the reflection, and they mockingly coo at it as it turns. I have photo evidence! Rather disappointed, to be honest. Maybe seaside pigeons are not fazed by such things? Suggest it be retitled "bird scarer for easily scared birds"... Sorry to hear this, James. We hear seaside pigeons are a breed apart! :-)

Cyril Barnett 30/01/2011 5 stars

I recently won one of these bird scarers in a Brinsea competition, though I have no need for a bird scarer in the garden I have put it to very good use, we had problems with birds flying into the conservatory windows and killing themselves, however since I placed the Brinsea bird scarer on the inside of the window we have had no more birds flying into it. An excellent product, thank you Brinsea.

Pierre D'Arbost 17/01/2011 5 stars

A Brinsea bird scarer is a boat owners best friend! Since fitting one, I have had a severe bird problem go away. Now when I clean the boat and return weeks later, the boat remains free of bird mess. No more bits of crabs, shellfish or bird mess. Pierre D’Arbost – Boat Owner, Weymouth Marina.

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